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Wix and Wrabness Primary School

School Uniform


 Girls                                                                                                       Boys


Grey Skirt – at least knee length                                                 Grey tailored trousers/tailored shorts

Grey Pinafore Dress              

Grey trousers – full length

In addition to this, in the summer, girls may wear

Red Check Dress knee length

tailored shorts


White Polo Shirt* or white blouse                                             White Polo Shirt* or white shirt


Red School Fleece (outside use)*                                              Red School Fleece (outside use)*

Red Sweatshirt/ Cardigan/Jumper*                                          Red Sweatshirt/Cardigan/Jumper*    


Plain Grey/Red Tights


Plain Grey socks - ankle                                                                   Grey plain socks

or knee high only (not over the knee) or white

ankle socks with red gingham edging in summer


Dark suitable low-heeled shoes/Plain Black                          Dark suitable low-heeled shoes heels

to be no higher than approximately 2cm                                to be no higher than approximately 2cm


Dark suitable boots – no higher than the knee,

heels to be no higher than approximately 2cm



PE Kit                                                                                      PE Bags

Black PE shorts                                                                      Suitably sized bag*

White T-shirt* 

Black Plimsolls

Dark Plain Trainers for outdoor use

Dark Tracksuit for outdoor use during colder weather



Please label all items of clothing and equipment .



* These items are available from https://myclothing.com/ with the school logo on them